NBN connected - FTTN with Skymesh

Wed 06 July 2016

Fibre To The Node: not what I wanted but you take what you can get.

Node Configuration:

RSP and Modem details:

After quite a bit of internal debate, I've decided to go with Skymesh as my NBN RSP. After researching on Whirlpool due to the very good feedback from people already on it and from reading the Skymesh section of Whirlpool, it was an easy decision. The safe bet would have been to stay with Telstra (my current ADSL provider) but I've not had a pleasant experience with them over the years - on the billing and support side. It always used to be that Telstra were more expensive, terrible billing systems but very good technically. However, unlike FTTP,FTTN does not always go smoothly so I didn't want to go through that. I've also seen people around here have issues with Telstra - wrong gateways being sent out, CVC not being looked at in some South Australian places and I never want to go through the billing sagas I've had with them in the past.

Category: networking